How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Followers For Instagram

 How To Get More Followers On Instagram

With 400 millions users at the turn of the 2016, Instagram has quickly become the second most popular social networking site. Originally created in 2010 and developed by Facebook since 2012, Instagram is an online social networking service that allows users to ‘follow’ each other users whilst sharing photos and videos. On Instagram, like all social media sites, being popular has become extremely relevant – especially for brands and small businesses.

There’s no wondering why so many users want to increase their followers for Instagram. So to help everyone grow their Instagram following we’ve listed our top 7 strategies on how to get followers on Instagram.

7 Tips To Getting A Lot Of Followers On Instagram

Use Good Hashtags

Hashtags are what generally draws new users towards your posts. They may seem simple but using them effectively and consistently over time is crucial if you want increase your Instagram accounts amount of followers. Generally choosing hashtags that are shown in or described in the picture is a solid strategy.

However, be careful when using really popular hashtags, as you’ll likely go unnoticed. For example, #dog is used so often you’re likely going to get lost in the crowd using it. So instead you should try and choose a hashtag that is still popular but has a specific audience or a niche waiting to view your photo, in this case #dogsofinstagram is a better choice.

You may have to do some research to find out which hashtags are relevant to your niche or type of account. Also be weary not to add too many hashtags, as this just comes off ‘spammy’ and needy, and may end up causing you to loose followers, especially if your hashtags aren’t even relevant to the post itself.

A good technique is to post your hashtags as your first comment. That way your post will still get noticed in the explore feed using the hashtags but your profile won’t appear spammy as they’re not in the caption.

Post Regularly 

If you’re wondering how to gain more followers on Instagram but are only posting maybe once or twice a week, then we may have found the problem. Regular posts are what keeps Instagram users coming back to your page. If you aren’t posting quality content consistently. You will find some of your followers are getting frustrated or bored waiting for you’re posts. No matter how good or rare your posts on Instagram are. If you have to, write down a schedule and try and stick to it so your followers know when to come back to check for a new post. However, be careful not to post too often or post poor content as this will make people unfollow you.

Interact With Your Followers

People like to feel as if they know the person they are following so be sure to interact with your audience as often as possible. At the start this should be easy as you don’t have many followers. As your popularity grows they will realize that you won’t have time to reply to all comments and messages but make a conscious effort to reply to some. When other users see that you interact with your followers they’ll be more likely to follow your account.

Get More followers On Instagram
Give Back And Be A Follower

Don’t just expect to get followers, go ahead and visit other people’s accounts and become a follower. The best way for them to be interested in what you do is not only to like their photos but also leave comment on some. Many people prefer getting comments rather than likes. So the more you give constructive criticism and praise you give, the more you’ll get in return. The more you get in return, the more followers you’ll attract.

Post Exciting Content

One of the keys to gaining a lot of followers on Instagram is to post awesome original content. People often use the internet to get away from their own lives for a little. So you have to be there to excite people and make them laugh. Ultimately, let them take a step out of reality for a short period of time. Try to post interesting photos or videos that your followers aren’t likely to see anywhere else.

Promote Your Account On Other Social Networks

Most of us also have a Facebook and Twitter account, so why not utilize your friends and followers on these networks by simply letting them know of your Instagram account. 1 post or tweet referring to your Instagram account is usually enough. Maybe you have a blog of your own? Again, inform your readers to check out your Instagram account. Before you know you will have quickly gained a lot more followers on Instagram by just simply sharing your accounts username on your other social media profiles.

Buy Them

If all else fails, there are a few Instagram services out there (although none better than ours – there’s a reason we’re the leading Instagram service provider) that allow you to ‘buy real Instagram followers’. Whilst they may not be people that you can connect with, they do look real and boost your follower count. This creates a certain level of interest around your page due to the social proof they provide. This can be an extremely sneaky but profitable strategy and investment. As it will dramatically speed up the rate at which you gain new Instagram followers.  If you’re interested in this method you can try our Instagram followers with our money back guarantee here.

Sometimes it may seem impossible or feel like it will take forever to significantly grow your Instagram followers. However, following these simple tips will be put you in the best possible position to get more Instagram followers.