How Do You Repost On Instagram?


People use Instagram for a wide variety of purposes, and many of its features are useful for any type of user, whether they are focused on marketing, personal popularity, or access to information. One way to show appreciation for other prominent posters while enhancing your personal brand is through reposting. Reposting is essentially sharing a post from another user with your followers. This can help increase exposure for both you and the other user by letting both of you reach out to a wider audience.

How do you repost on Instagram?

Instagram does not have a built-in way to share or repost something from another user, like Twitter and Facebook have. If you are going to be reposting multiple items, we recommend download a reposting app such as Repost for Instagram. See below for information on how to use this program to repost and share in the Instagram platform.

  1. Download Repost for Instagram
  2. Install Repost for Instagram
  3. Open Instagram
  4. Find the post that you want to share
  5. Tap the menu button in the top right
  6. Tap “Copy Link”
  7. Open Repost for Instagram
  8. The copied link will show up automatically
  9. Tap on the image of the link
  10. Adjust variables to your desired traits
  11. Tap Repost

That’s it! You have now successfully reposted and shared a link to another Instagram post! This is a great way to promote friends or potential business partners as well as drive more traffic to your profile by using quality content from other people. Just make sure to ask for permission before you repost something, and most users will want to be given proper credit for their content.

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