How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos


Instagram is a wonderful application for viewing photos and videos from friends, family members, and even strangers and companies. There is a whole world that you can interact with when you are scrolling through the pictures on your Instagram feed. People around the world love the ability to view these pictures quickly and easily, but there is one common complaint. Photos and videos on Instagram cannot be downloaded or saved to your phone or computer. If you see a photo that you wish to keep, the Instagram application does not have an option to save it. However, there are some tips and tricks you can take to help you get past this problem.

Use our Instagram Downloader

With our Instagram photo and video downloader you easily copy and paste the web link to your desired Instagram photo or video and click on the download button to save it directly to your computer. It is a sleek, intuitive, and unobtrusive site that allows you to download virtually anything that you want from Instagram.

These are the three easiest ways to download photos and photos from Instagram for your personal use. There are many other applications available, but most of them cost money or come ridden with invasive advertisements and hidden purchases. With the easy tips above, you can save yourself some money and take advantage of the ability to download from Instagram.

Take a Screenshot

The easiest way to save a photo from Instagram is to take a screenshot with your phone while the picture is on the screen. The newest versions of iOS and Android have built-in programs that will then allow you to edit the photo, cropping out anything else that may have been showing on your screen at the time.

To take a screenshot on an iPhone, simply press the power and home buttons at the same time. On Android phone, it differs across manufacturers, but you will be able to find out how to take screenshots on their websites or from the manual that came with your phone.

Download Regrammer App

Regrammer is a free app that lets you download photos and videos from Instagram with no limitations. It is one of the best apps for this purpose, as it is free from in-app purchases and obnoxious, invasive ads. There are ads that help the company fund themselves, but they are far less intrusive than many other apps.

Once you’ve downloaded Regrammer, all you have to do is find the photo you want in the Instagram app, tap on the Share icon, and click copy link. Launch the Regrammer app and paste the link into the address box. Next, click the Preview button. From here, you can tap on “Repost,” and then choose the option to “Save Image.” This can be done with photos and videos, so you have an easy way to save any of the Instagram data that you want.

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