How To Get Verified On Instagram


Instagram is one of the hottest platforms across all of social media, with millions of daily users worldwide and a sleek, easy-to-use interface. The popular site has helped many people gain internet fame through modeling, photography, and even journalism. An even larger number of people have gone on to make money through Instagram, and more and more people are looking to the platform for additional income.

To truly take advantage of the opportunities that Instagram can afford you, it is vital to become verified. Instagram verification means that an account is confirmed as the actual account for a public figure, celebrity, or local or global brand. Verification is important because there are many impostors that will try to capitalize on a well-known name in order to make money or gain followers for themselves.

How To Get Verified On Instagram

If you are a public figure or if you run your own brand that you are promoting on Instagram, you will want to get verified as soon as possible so that you can earn more money and prevent imitators from hurting your image. Verification is not that difficult, but it does require a few steps. See below to learn how to become verified on Instagram.

1.) Build a strong social media presence across all platforms

It is important for you to demonstrate that you are authentic and that you can gain a significant number of followers. Use other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and blogging sites in order to make a name for yourself. If you provide quality content and engage a large number of users, you will have a better chance of being verified.

2.) Remain Active

Constant activity is a very important part of becoming verified on Instagram. You need to show that you are willing to regularly interact with followers and post updated, fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. The more engagement you have with your community, the more likely it is that Instagram will consider you a legitimate brand or figure that needs to be verified.

3.) Build a Website

Social media presence isn’t always going to be enough to get verified. You need to have an image that shows that you are the real deal and that your brand or personality is highly desirable. With an official website, you give yourself more legitimacy and allow yourself to reach out to even more people. A strong digital presence across the entire internet goes a long way in establishing yourself as an important and verifiable personality.

4.) Ask Instagram for Verification

If you feel that your web presence is strong enough to justify verification, you can simply get in touch with the Instagram support team and present your case. Even if you get an automatic response that you are ineligible for a badge, you may be able to persuade someone on the Instagram team that you are deserving of one. This is really an exercising in selling yourself, so make sure that you have a strong, believable pitch.

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