Finsta or Finstagram – The Fake Instagram Account Revolution


What is Finstagram?

After the recent Instagram update which allows users to have other accounts, a new trend rises on the horizon. With most teenagers (and some adults) now having a new thing called a “Finsta” or “Finstagram”. Basically a fake Instagram account where you can post real photos that you might have not posted on your real account because they were too ulgy, silly or stupid etc.

A chance to be real on fake Instagram

FinstagramYou see a real Instagram account, otherwise know as a ‘Rinsta’ has hundreds or even thousands of real followers, with everyone judging everything you put online. Whereas with a Finsta, you only add your dearest friends or even complete strangers – depending on which route you take. That way the people you share your often hilariously raw, ugly selfies with won’t care. They either know you too well, or don’t know well enough, to care. Try exploring the #finsta hashtag, you’ll see what we mean.

This second Instagram account is actually starting to become quite the phenomenon. In fact, these days majority of young users have a Finstagram, where they use these private account share silly photos with their friends. Whereas some other user are actually using a public Finsta in search of Instafame.

That’s right, many older users are rather insecure about how they are perceived online. So instead of hanging their real self on the line in front of all their acquaintances. They’re using a fake Instagram account to grow a following by being who they truly are, where try to avoid connecting with anyone they know. Not surprisingly, these accounts often becoming more popular then their real Instagram accounts because their usually unaware at how awesome they really are!

Taking everything into consideration we like the idea of Finstagram. It kills the annoying and often stressful element of Instagram, which is social status. Being forever cautious not to reveal something that might have you judged in a negative way. Although having a Finsta does mean spending more time on social media with the two Instagram accounts. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, we’ll let you decide!

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