How to View Full Size Instagram Profile Pictures


If you love looking at Instagram photos and videos, it may surprise you to learn that that the pictures uploaded to profile profiles are not shown in their original size. The number of pixels is reduced, thus diminishing the quality of the photo. This means that you are not necessarily viewing the photo as it was meant to be seen, especially if it is a highly saturated photograph.

Whether you are looking at photos in your news feed or on a personal Instagram profile, all Instagram pictures have been resized. However, there are ways to view these photos in their original sizes. If you are interested in learning how to view Instagram profile photos and posts in their highest quality state, follow the steps below.

How To View Full Size Profile Pictures

When you click on a profile picture in Instagram, you are only able to view the circular, cropped version of it. However, you can get around that with these simple steps.

  • Open Instagram in any browser (again, it will not work in the app)
  • Find the user whose profile picture you wish to view
  • Click on the user to open their profile
  • Copy the user’s username
  • Navigate to our Instagram Profile Picture Viewer tool
  • Type or paste the username of the user into the text field
  • Press Submit
  • The tool will show you a high resolution, full-sized photo of the user’s Instagram profile picture. You will also be given the option to download the photo.

How To View Full Size Photos from Posts

  • Open Instagram in any web browser (it must be a browser, doing so in the app will not work)
  • Find the profile of the user whose photo you are looking to view (you can’t click on the photo from your feed, so make sure to manually direct yourself to the user’s profile).
  • Click on the photo you want to see in full size.
  • Go the URL bar of the browser
  • Find the part in the URL that says ?taken-by=username, where “username” is the username of the profile
  • Replace this with media/?size=1 <- Make sure to leave the rest of the URL intact.
  • You will now be redirected to a page that shows the picture in its full size without any other information from the post. You can also right click on the photo to save it to your hard drive.

You now have the knowledge needed to view the full-sized Instagram profile pictures and posts that you desire. It is a pretty easy task and does not require that you download any special tools or applications. The best part is that this can be done for free with just a few simple steps and the help of Gramlike. Until Instagram gives an option to view a full-sized and full resolution profile pictures, this is the best way to see your friends in high-quality pictures.

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