How to Repost on Instagram with Reposting Apps


Instagram Repost AppInstagram is the second most popular social media site, and is now growing at a rate much faster than any other. However, many Instagrammers still feel Instagram is missing one simple function that the majority of other social media sites utilize. That is, the ability to quickly ‘repost’ or ‘regram’ something another used has posted. Which would be Instagram’s equivalent to the Facebook Share, Twitter Retweet or Tumblr Reblog. But even though this feature isn’t available directly on Instagram’s app or wesbite, it is still possible to repost Instagram videos or photos to your own account. Here are the best ways to repost on Instagram:

1. Using an Instagram Repost App

There are literally hundreds of iOS and Andriod apps that are able to regram or repost to Instagram. However the two most popular and best Instagram repost apps we are going to suggest are:

Repost for InstagramUsing an app like one of these two is great because not only do the apps allow you quickly repost your favourite photos or videos on Instagram. They also allow you to give credit to the original poster, so you avoid any trouble from copying their post.

These two repost apps for Instagram are really simple to use too. All you have to do is, open the app and log into it through Instagram. Then search and find the post you want to repost. Once you find the photo, you’ll have to copy the Instagram Share URL by clicking the three dots on the post. Then just paste the URL into the repost app.

2. Screenshoting and Reposting an Image

How to repost on Instagram

This method is a little more work. It is often used by Instagrammers who would rather steal the image and use it than to give credit to the original poster. To each their own.

For this method, you have to open the Instagram app and go to the photo you want to repost. Then you simply screenshot the image on you phone or tablet, so it’s saved to your camera roll/photos. Because the screen will include everything that was on the screen at the time; including the time and battery life, you will need to crop the image. You can crop the image on your device before you go to upload it, or directly in the Instagram app – in the editing section before the upload.

The app will repost the photo on your wall with the original Instagrammers name and a repost watermark symbol. You’re also free to add any caption you like too

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