What Happened to the RepostWhiz App?


RepostWhiz is No Longer Working!

RepostWhiz AppRepostWhiz was created by Garry Garris and was the first app that allowed users to repost videos on Instagram. Making it one of the fastest growing and best Instagram repost apps. However, the original RepostWhiz app can no longer be found in or downloaded to the iPhone or iPad from the iOS app store. However, it can still be found in the Android Google Play Store. However any Instagrammers, including Android apk users, who also still have the Repost Whiz app will also notice that RepostWhiz is no longer working and will receive an error when trying to use the app.

Basically the RepostWhiz application worked because Instagram had a public API. Meaning anyone could connect to Instagram through an application. This connection allows applications to repost, follow, like, see photos etc and was vital to RepostWhiz. However, on the 1st of June 2016, Instagram changed it’s API from public to private. Meaning anyone who wanted to connect to Instagram through this API now had register with Instagram and have their application reviewed approved before they can have access to this connection.

Now according to apps owner and creator – Garry Garris, “Apple temporarily disabled RepostWhiz App. Reason out of my control. Waiting for them to re-approve app”.

Although, given the high profile of RepostWhiz, we are certain this application has been denied access altogether to the private API connection. Explaining why it hasn’t been working and receiving errors since June 1st 2016. As it seems Instagram is not willing to allow an application that reposts videos on Instagram. We don’t expect to see it back in the future.
If you’re interested in finding a different Instagram reposting app <- read this article. If you can’t be bothered reading it, we’ve added the link to download the most popular reposting app from the iOS store.

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