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What Does TBH Mean?

Before we get to our awesome collection of cool tbh pics & posts. We have to first define what tbh means for those all who still don’t know what it means… Tbh is an acronym which stands for to be honest

It was first used on Facebook in 2011 and mainly by teens, when it swept social media with millions of people posting the Facebook status “Like for a tbh” or “Comment for a tbh”. Basically this meant that anyone who liked or commented on the Facebook status would get a post on their wall or inbox with the honest opinion of what the person who posted the status thought of them. The comment could have been nice or nasty. These days however, it is mainly used to say nice things about a person and used mostly on Instagram and also Tumblr. With users posting tbh photos and pictures rather than statuses.

There are many variations of this phenomenon including – tbh and rate or tbh, rate and date, and even a best feature thrown in there every now and then. However new variations are being invented everyday, keeping things fresh. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say tbh posts are here to stay.

Cool TBH Posts & Pictures

TBH Pics

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