Best ‘Like for a Rate’ & ‘Rates?’ Pictures for Instagram


Before we get into our awesome collection of Instagram rates pictures we must first define and explain what an Instagram rate means for all our users who may not be quite sure…

Simply put, a ‘rate’ is a fun variation of the ‘TBH‘ game/activity that teens and tween play/do on social media; however these days it’s pretty much mainly used on Instagram. Basically it’s a way of judging someone on a scale of 1-10. The judgement of what, will be decided by the person who posts the rating post (although it’s usually based on looks, personality or how close a friendship is, but it can be about anything really).

How is works is – firstly a user will post a picture with the caption, or a message within the image,  saying ‘Like for a rate” or ‘rates?’. Then anyone who likes this ‘rate post’ will receive a  comment, judgement or opinion, otherwise know as a ‘rating’ of what the original poster thinks of them (depending of what’s being rated). It’s usually sent via DM (direct message) or commented below the pic, and these days it’s usually a nice message.

Instagram Rates Pictures

Rates Instagram

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