How to Brand Yourself on Social Media


There is no disputing the fact that online personal branding is very important as an online business owner. Branding yourself along with your business gives you a unique outlook and somewhat separates you from your competitors. Whatever the type of business you do, it’s important that you brand your own name first of all and the best way to do this is through the social media platforms.

One thing about social media personal branding is that most of the time people follow you and not your business. Which means, even if you were to change business today, your ‘fans’ will always follow you to the new business – that’s how powerful branding is. So, how do you go about this “personal branding social media?”

personal branding social media

Here’s how to do it:

  1. You should make yourself more valuable if you want a high success rate with your online personal branding. And you can’t make yourself more valuable if you’re not always updating your knowledge on your focused niche. Try as much as possible to learn everything you can about any topic that’s related to your niche. Of course, you have to ask yourself what exactly is your niche market. The reason you need to keep updating your knowledge on your niche market is so that you’ll better position yourself as an expert. People ask a lot of crazy questions on social media platforms. Being able to answer any and all of the questions directed at you is a big step towards branding yourself.
  2. Another step in the “personal branding social media” process is trying to increase the numbers of individuals who you’ve in your social networks. In particular, you need to concentrate on Facebook Twitter and YouTube. At least, these are the three well-known social networks. When you create new contacts and new relationships, you cannot go in there and try to drive folks to join your organization. You have to give, give, give and then you’ll receive. Don’t forget that these relationships are somewhat ‘80% give and only 20% receive’.
  3. When you connect and establish relationships with people on social media networks, they will always most likely visit your website to know more about you and what you’re really offering. What does this tell you? – That you need to have a professional website with up-to-date and relevant content. Try as much as possible to add new contents to your website/blog. Social media personal branding is all about what value you offer the public for them to start believing in you. If you continue updating your blog with new and informative contents, then the more likelihood it is for your followers and ‘fans’ to share your social media page.
  4. Be very conversational. Try as much as possible to create, as well as participate in conversations, which are exciting and educational at all times. Initiating and participating in a provoking discussion can get you recognized.
  5. Build effective relationships. For a good online personal branding to really take place, you have to strive as much as possible to build effective relationship with your social media followers. The most faithful of customers are those who trust and understand you, and they will always be willing to share your posts.

These are just some of the ways of branding yourself on social media platforms. It might be difficult at first, but never relent, as the long-term results are really worth it. Good Luck!

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