How To Block Someone On Twitter


How To Block Someone On TwitterAlthough Twitter is a unique and fantastic tool for businesses as well as for personal accounts, it can sometimes become a little too much. Do you receive constant messages from users? Do you constantly get frustrated at the amount of tweets they put up on a daily basis? Do you just want to block them to ease your stress levels? Believe it or not, the process is extremely simple and is even recommended for a better Twitter experience.

How to block people on Twitter:

Find the Twitter user account you wish to block either from your Twitter feed or even from your list of followers.
Once here, you will see a little ‘gear’ or settings button next to their name which will bring up a list of options.
One of the options in question will say ‘BLOCK @‘ followed by their name and if this is clicked, they will be blocked.

Blocking people on Twitter means that you will not be able to see their tweets as well as stopping them from seeing your tweets. Furthermore, if they aren’t following you, they will no longer have the chance nor will they be able to add you to any lists. There is a way around this if they search your name but this only works if your profile is set to public rather than private.

If you regret your decision to block an account on Twitter, the process is easily reversed by unblocking them.

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