How To Unblock Someone On Twitter


How To Unblock Someone On TwitterIf you have previously blocked someone on twitter, but for some reason you have now decided you want to unblock them. This short guide will tell you exactly how to unblock people on Twitter.

Here’s how to unblock someone on Twitter:

Search for the Twitter user account you wish to unblock.

Once you have found it, you will see that it says’ blocked’ rather than ‘follow’.
Simply click on the little ‘undo’ button which reverses all the actions laid out previously.

If you unblock a Twitter user, you will be able to follow them and vice versa. Furthermore, you will both see each other’s tweets if you were already following one another. Blocking can be a handy tool if you are trying to steer clear of fake accounts or accounts that try and sell you stuff but use it wisely with people around you because it won’t take them long to notice that you have blocked them!

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