What to Post on Instagram?


Instagram Post IdeasWith hundreds of millions of Instagram users, its become a well known fact that Instagram makes for a excellent marketing tool. It provides the perfect outlet for posting useful, positive, and engaging media. Which can be used to increase brand awareness and personal popularity. Yet, so many people spend hours sitting there trying to think of something good to post online. They can’t be blamed for it either. Considering nearly every Instagram post idea has already been used, it’s hard to think of something original to post on Instagram.

7 Cool Instagram Post Ideas


This is normally everyone’s ‘go-to’ when you don’t know what to post on Instagram but that’s because it works. It isn’t a strategy that should be used too much but if you only post some picture quotes every now and then, you’ll see some benefits. However, as always, it’s important to choose good picture quotes that represent you or your brand and that apply to your industry or type of account. As long as you do this, you will ensure that you attract the right type of followers. Secondly, remember that the quote will reflect your personality or brand image so this is a good opportunity to lay down your stance on a number of different topics.


This is probably the easiest way to get likes and views on Instagram in this day and age. As social media users are usually up to date and extremely interested in current events. Now it seems as though there’s a day for everything; puppies, popcorn and believe it or not, 23rd January is known as ‘measure your feet day’. The point is, you should take advantage of this to grow your Instagram. For example, on puppies day, 23rd March, post a picture with your pup or visit a friend who has one just to take advantage of the trend.


When people ask what should I post on Instagram, they’re often only thinking about pictures. Completely forgetting about the other type of media that is significantly increasing in popularity on social media… video. With the ability to post 60 seconds worth of footage, why not try and post a video of yourself or about your brand. A little self promotion never hurt anyone.

Make It Funny

It’s pretty far to say that for a lot of people the internet is a place where you can to forget own life and to get some entertainment, even if just for a minute. So if you see a funny post online that makes you laugh and brightens your day a little, why not repost it yourself? Your followers will appreciate the little laugh. Making them more than likely want to come back for more. Funny posts are the perfect way to get more followers and therefore your customer base.

Repost Your Followers

If you are trying to connect with your audience, what better way than to repost something they have tagged you in? You don’t have to pick something that you don’t like, if they have been following your page there will more than likely be something that takes your interest. Always make sure that you remember to tag the original poster so they are alerted.

This will make the person feel good because you are sharing what they sent you. It will also show everyone else that you look at the things you’re tagged in. This will increase the amount of posts you’re tagged in and you then have more to choose from; the whole process can become a spiral of positivity. Read about the best Instagram reposting app.

Giveaways or Competitions

This is a good post idea, now of course only if you can afford it. It’s a great way to draw people towards your page because everyone likes free stuff. To make the competition interesting, make sure it’s a prize worth winning. If you have you own product or brand this could be the perfect way to showcase it. Giveaways are the perfect idea because even the people that don’t win are still likely to check the product out. This may even lead to a number of sales. Just be sure to make a small request of the entrants so that you don’t get a million random people entering.

Cross Promotion

Why just build up your Instagram following, when you can increase your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat account, and more, at the same time. For this reason, it is important to promote all your channels at various points so they can all grow together. So try shouting out your Facebook page or Twitter profile every now and then. If you are using tips similar to these on your other social media sites, you will have followers from all over the place checking out your various platforms.

There! Now you won’t waste anymore time on useless posts wondering what you should post on Instagram. Get out there and start building your follow-ship!

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