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Free Instagram FollowersWe know buying Instagram followers and likes can be a pain for some. So after thousands of message requests for free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. We’ve finally created a way our of users to get Instagram likes, views, saves and followers on Instagram for free with our newly devised Instagram Boost Promotion!

What is Gramlike’s Instagram Follower Boost Promotion?

Ok so basically our Instagram Follower Boost promotion is the announcement of our referral system. We’re also offering a discount on our Instagram services as part of the promotion.

How will this get me free followers and likes?

It’s really simple. All you have to do is simply let us know you’re interested in our referral program, by sending us a message and leaving your Instagram username in the chat box in the bottom right corner.

Then we’ll add you to the system and create you a referral discount code. This discount code will then save people 10% on their order, but will also get you 25% (In the form of free followers & likes) of whatever there order is, free of charge!

So basically any person that enters your referral discount code when buying any of our Instagram services will save 10% on their order, and you’ll receive 25% of their order to your Instagram account for free! (They’ll still get there 100% of there order, you’ll just get 25% extra for free! For example: If you refer someone who buys 1,000 Instagram followers, they’ll get 1,000 followers and we’ll also give you 250 followers for free!) The best part is as long as they continue to use your referral discount code (why wouldn’t they? They’re saving money!), you’ll keep getting free likes and followers.

Sounds hard, how am I suppose to actually refer people?

You’d be surprised how fat and easy it actually is, especially if you already have a large Instagram following (Facebook & Snapchat works well too). All you have to do is post about our services, message a couple users, or comment on few pictures including the link to and your referral discount code. Before you know it, you’ll have loads of people using your discount code.

Give it a try, our analysis tells us that about 1 in 20 people you try to refer will be long time referral customers. Which is great news for you. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and spread your code!

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