Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?


Most Followed on Instagram

Since very early in the Instagram life cycle, many people saw it as a life ambition to have the most followers on Instagram. For this reason, the internet is full of tips and tricks articles to help people achieve this dream. Of course, there can only be one ‘most Instagram followers’ and if wondering who has the most followers on Instagram; currently Selena Gomez holds this title with more people following her than the population of Russia. However, why is this such a popular goal?

One reason is because people are starting to make a living posting on various social media sites and there are a few names that now have a career in acting, modelling, or TV presenting thanks to social media. For this reason, more people are starting to realize the potential benefits that Instagram can offer. If you get the formula right and create posts that people are genuinely interested in, there is a real opportunity to target the hundreds of millions of users.

With this in mind, dreams of becoming ‘famous’ have never been closer than ever before. Before social media existed, celebrities were people that made a contribution to TV, film, art, charity, sport music, etc. Now, we have numerous people who were made famous and still are famous thanks to their popular Instagram account. Therefore, it has become a goal for many to become on of the most followed people on Instagram, and to keep posting creative and interesting posts.

Aside from this, who doesn’t want a little attention? What is the point in posting to three people when you could be targeting millions? No matter how often we say that we don’t care how many followers we have, everybody gets a little kick after seeing their follower count rise!

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