How To Get Verified On Twitter


Verified TwitterSince Twitter hit the big time a few years ago, it has been the dream of many to be Twitter ‘famous’ and become verified on Twitter. Although Twitter don’t just arbitrarily hand out these verification’s, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances.

  1. Get an agent as they can have connections to the social networking site.
  2. Act professionally at all times and almost act as if you already have verification; if you are acting as if you already have it, the next step will be to give you the little blue tick.
  3. Get a job with a company that has links with Twitter and so receives verifications for their employees.
  4. Get in contact with someone at Twitter; this doesn’t mean sending them a message just asking but rather talk to them about something entirely different.
  5. Spending money on advertising is also said to increase your chances of becoming verified.
  6. If you have a good following, ask them to campaign in order for you to become verified.

Ultimately, if you believe you deserve to be Twitter verified but haven’t yet received it, patience is often the key to these things. Twitter do actively work with bigger profiles and do verify if they believe it will help people to find an account. If you deserve the little blue tick and to get verified on Twitter, these tips won’t do any harm but patience may be the best way forward.

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