Instagram Online – Complete Guide for Computer


Instagram Online

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most popular apps on the relevant stores. Since launching, it has amassed hundreds of millions of users who post an extortionate amount of posts every single day. However, not many people realise that you can also access your account online on a computer. Although it may not be as efficient because the app allows you to have direct access to your camera and photos for simple uploading, it is still helpful if your find yourself stuck without your mobile.

How to Create/Sign Up for an Instagram Account Online on Computer

With this in mind, what is possible and what isn’t via the online Instagram website? Firstly, you can create an account by using your Facebook account or by filling in some basic details. Once you have agreed to the terms and the privacy policy, you are set to go. Here is how to get started;

• Start by visiting
• On the right-hand side, you will see that you have the chance to fill in some basic information to ‘sign up’
• After typing all this in, you will be faced with some other pre-Instagram checks before finally creating your account
• As long as you follow the easy-to-use steps on the screen, you can’t go wrong

What Actions are Available?

Once you have logged into Instagram online with your account, you will have access to your news feed in order to browse posts of the people you follow. Furthermore, you can like posts as well as follow and unfollow other profiles. If you wanted to change anything about your profile, this option is also available. With access to your profile, you can change the bio as well as the profile picture. In truth, this can be helpful if you have a particular photo saved on your computer at work for example.

Are there any Limitations?

Unfortunately, there are a couple of limitations to signing into Instagram online via the web. Firstly, you cannot comment on anybody’s posts; although you can view other posts, there is not yet a feature allowing you to comment as this process has to be completed on your mobile device. Furthermore, you also do not have access to your direct messages nor will you have the ability to post anything from your computer. These three limitations mean that you cannot really run an Instagram account without the app and perhaps that is what they are trying to persuade you to download.


Ultimately, the online version of Instagram has been designed as a ‘backup’ for the mobile app. If you happen to leave your mobile phone at work or if it is on charge in a different room, you will be able to do the basics to maintain your account. In the end, you will always find yourself being drawn back to the app to regain access to comments, direct messages, and posts!

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