Best Free Photo Collage Maker Apps


With Instagram being as popular as it is, posts are now having to be more creative than ever to get noticed. Not only do you want to pick up new followers but you also want to impress your friends with high-quality images but how is this done? One of the most popular methods of doing this is by using free photo collage makers; for those of you that have never heard of these apps, they allow you to add and layer a number of different photos to create an ultimate picture collage. If you are going to do this, you need a photo collage app that will allow a whole host of cool effects so we have picked out two of our favourites.


Picture Collage MakersIf you have an Apple device, this app is the one for you. After 50 million downloads, LiveCollage has nearly 100,000 reviews on the App Store averaging over 4.5 stars; the current version has five stars. LiveCollage really allows you to be fun and creative with your photos as it includes 1,000 different layouts, 200 ‘poster’ style layouts, and even 500 borders including ones for every occasion; birthday, holiday, halloween, sport, love, classic, etc. Furthermore, there are also stickers that can be placed on the photographs to spice them up even more.

As with our next app (InstaCollage), the basic premise of the pic collage app is to stitch photos together (LiveCollage can edit 16 different photos at once) to create an ultimate photo collage ready for personal enjoyment or for Instagram. Masterpieces can be saved at any time and when they are finished, they can go directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and more.


With a solid four stars from over 36,000 reviews on Google Play, InstaCollage is an amazing picture collage maker app that allows for creative and exciting pic collages for any Instagram account. Different collage picture frames, patterns, captions, and backgrounds can all be added to the collage as well as a number of filters. Up to nine photos can be stitched together in this app and the end product can be saved to the device or shared directly to Instagram.

Features and added extras are important for an app like this as you need to be able to edit your collage to perfection and 30 patterns, 18 frames, and a wide variety of different filters enable you to do exactly this. Years ago, this sort of editing would need to be done on a computer but now up to 5 million people are using InstaCollage on their Android devices; 4.0.3 and up

So there we have it, creating collages from numerous pictures has never been easier. All the practice cutting out photos and gluing them on fancy colored card as kids was not wasted, we now have an opportunity to try the updated version in the form of an app. Both Instagram collage apps are free and available in multiple languages as well as working on a number of devices. If you want to create cool collages for Instagram, these two picture collage makers are the best options available right now and are exactly what you need!

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