Instagram Stock – Everything You Need To Know!


Investors looking to buy Instagram stock may have a little trouble finding Instagram’s stock price and Instagram’s stock symbol on the market. That’s because Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you’re unable to purchase Instagram stock, and its price is already calculated and included into the Facebook (FB) stock.

Instagram Stock

Facebook purchased Instagram back in April 2012 for $1 billion, approximately a month before Facebook had its IPO (initial public offering) in May. Where Facebook offered up 421,233,615 shares with a stock price of $38 per share. Facebook raised just over $16 billion dollars through that offering. Facebook’s purchase of Instagram was certainly a great investment as Facebook’s stock price and effectively Instagram’s stock price has been on the rise ever since. Considering Instagram now has over 500 million users and is expected to bring in over one and a half billion dollars in 2016 only, it’s fair to say – it was a decent investment.

While you may not be able to directly buy Instagram stock, investing in FB stock will look just as good in your portfolio. Expect Facebook stock to continue to rise as to continues to monopolise the social media market. Which is definitely looks set to do considering, its set to directly take on Snapchat with introduction of Instagram stories, the effect and decline it’s already had on other social media sites. You only have to take a look Twitters stock price (TWTR) to see how they’ll fair.

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